Light Blue Reflective Cat Collar

Light Blue Reflective Cat Collar
Light Blue Reflective Cat Collar

Reflective Blue cat Collars

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Light Blue Reflective cat collar

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Blue reflective cat collar from Red Dingo with two safety features a breakaway clasp and reflective for gloomy days and dark nights. Not only safe but gorgeous too, with fishes along the length, a Red Dingo logo and a fish shaped buckle.

The Red Dingo reflective collar is essential for cats that like to stay out late as it features light reflecting designs to ensure they are safe near roads.

As the reflective design runs the entire length of the collars, they can be seen from any angle, unlike blinking collar lights which are only visible from the front.

The tough yet comfortable collars are made from nylon and are stitched to a very high standard. There’s no boring buckle with the Red Dingo collars either as the cat collar has a fashionable fish motif with bell made from durable acetal plastic and they look like normal collars during the day. The fish clip acts as a safety device as it releases under a 2kg/4lb load should the cat become caught.

Reflective Cat Collars size:12mm x 20-32cm (8"-13")

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