Grey cat Bed, Grey Beds

Grey Cat Bedding

cat bedding for your feline, does your cat like to curl up or stretch out in the house? Whatever their style is KittyKit has got something to suit every kitty’s napping needs! From grey cat beds to luxurious bedding, let your kitty recharge after a long day of adventures on our range of Luxury cat beds. Our Cat bedding comes in all different sizes to accommodate thier grey cat bedding 

Check out our large range of beds for saleOur selection is simply design for cats, the KittyKit team with years of experience have picked only the luxury beds around the world.  Most of our beds are a non-looped fibre. They attract cats to them and do not hold the dirt so east to wash. All beds are stitched through.


Cats who like to stretch and sleep on the floor we suggest the Dream cat bed, A cat who hides and curls up the princess cuddle cave.  When washing your bed, Cats are extremely sensitive to smell and often when they will not use a bed it can be smell related.