Igloo 2 in 1 Litter Tray, Cat Litter trays

A unique 2-in-1 cat loo and carrier 

The Igloo is a combined litter tray and carrier which will look good in any home. Available in 7  cool colours – Arctic Blue, Polar Pink and Tundra Grey.

With each igloo there are five free specially moulded eco-friendly disposable liners to contain your cat’s preferred choice of litter, four replaceable carbon filters to help keep your home odour free and a removable smoked privacy plate for when the igloo cat litter box is used as a cat loo included in the box.

The Igloo with it’s unique eco-friendly liner allows the cat ownesrs to use their preferred litter. As the litter and liner are disposed of in one easy manoeuvre it leaves the Igloo Base clean and ready for the new liner and litter. The Igloo combines both a cat loo and carrier when taking to the vet or on vacation saving both space and money.

Health and Hygiene 

Toxoplasmosis, this is an illness caused by handling cat’s faeces, those most at risk are those who are pregnant or have a weakened immune system, including the elderly. Because the cat litter is contained in the liner The Igloo System allows the cat owner to remove faeces in one easy manoeuvre without directly handling the litter with faeces and urine, within the liner. For enhanced hygiene use Igloo Snow pet litter which coats faeces instantly for easy removal and reduces smells.