Kong Kickeroo Teaser

Kong Kickeroo Teaser
Kong Kickeroo Teaser

Kong Kickeroo Teaser

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Kong Kickeroo Teaser Catnip Cat Toy Print Stalk And Capture Prey Wrestling New

Like all Kickeroos, this toy is fun for your cat to wrestle, paw and kick.

But grab the handle of the KONG Kickeroo Teaser and this Kickeroo plays back.

Even without assistance, your cat will still enjoy attacking this toy as they get the scent of potent North American catnip inside.

However it plays, your cat is bound to enjoy the soft fabric and fluffy tail.

  • Flexible handle and large, fluffy tail
  • Assorted patterns
  • Contains KONG's premium North American catnip
  • Comes in 3 colours

Size (approx.): Main body: 12cm x 7cm, Tail: 12cm long

We will aim to meet your pattern selection but may substitute depending on stock availability.

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