Princess Pink Cat Sofa

Princess Pink Cat Sofa
Princess Pink Cat Sofa

Princess Sofa Cat Bed Pink

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Where else can a furry Princess lounge and starfish than on this stylish and classy cuddly pillow? With its curved Canapé-back, beautiful tassels and cords, finished with the embellished noble crown embroidery.

"Home Sweet Home" for Kitty Princesses!

• short-hair plush cover
• foam padding
• quilted
• with stylish My Princess embroidery and decorative cord with tassels
• non-slip nylon bottom

Item 37813
Measurements: 60 × 29 × 45 cm

files/set/10px.giffiles/grafiken/pikto_inlet_waschbar.png  files/grafiken/pikto_kissenbezug_waschbar.png 

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