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Kitten Collars

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Kitten Collars

Kittykit has taken care to sourcing a cool range of Kitten collars to suit every kitty cat. In fact why just stick to one Kitten collar? Have a bright or bling collar for sunny days and a reflective kitten collar for those gloomy days! Have a look at our large range of collars. Cats love to play & explore, it’s important that while they're still young and excitable, you familiarise them with the products. Browse through our fantastic collection of kitten collars, leads and harnesses and find the perfect style/colour for you and your kitten. We have lots of different Styles and colours to suit any feline with prices for any budget. All of Kittykit kitten collars are safety with either breakaway clasps, or safety elastic. Cats/Kitten's being natural hunters, climbers and general mischief makers can often find themselves squeezing though the tightest of spots, climbing trees or rushing through brambles. For this reason it is imperative that any Kitten collars you buy for your cat is fitted with some kind of safety device that is designed to free the cat should they become snagged on their adventures. Kittykit supply safety Kitten collars for this reason. Check out our collection of Kitten collars today MEOW!