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After experiencing first-hand the unpleasant consequences of unwanted neighbourhood cats entering his home through the cat flap and terrorising his cat Flipper, Dr Nick Hill, a Cambridge physicist, set out to find a solution. He knew he didn’'t want Flipper to wear a collar, so he developed a revolutionary technology that uses a cat’'s existing microchip like an electronic door key, giving Flipper exclusive access to his home and leaving intruder animals at the door. After three years of intensive research and development, the SureFlap® brand was born.

SureFeed recognise the need to control what our pets eat and provide them with the best diet possible to prevent obesity and weight related illnesses. Using the microchip reading technology from thier pet door range they have developed an exciting new product that will revolutionise the way in which we feed our pets. The SureFeed® Microchip Pet Feeder will ensure that food is only eaten by the correct animal. The sure flap feeder will help you tackle the problems of overeating or healthy pets accessing prescription food.

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