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Luxury cat beds, KittyKit offers a wide selection of cat beds and kitten beds. Our feline family members all have their own unique sleeping style. One of our comfy cushions would suit the sleeper who likes to stretch. Plenty of room to roll about or even share with a fellow feline family member! The cushions and pillows are idea for placing on the sofa or a human bed to give kitty their own special sleeping spot. Hooded tigga towers cat bed is a firm favourite. Often Kits just like to get away from it all to rest those paws. Felling safe and snug in a hooded cat beds is perfect for kits who just want to curl up and snooze in peace. We have a wide range of these. Colours to complement your home and different styles of hideout beds to suit the individual Kit! The funky styles are even a feature of your home.Cat radiator beds are perfect for the kitty who likes to be warm and cosy. Being off the ground or surfaces they are ideal for making kitty feel safe as well as getting that stream of warmth when the heating is on. Our furless bread friends have given fantastic feedback on our range of radiator beds which is great to hear.