List of products by manufacturer Hamish McBeth Cat Collars

Hamish McBeth Cat Collars

Hamish McBeth cat collars we make felines look fantastic with a great range of luxury leather cat collars.  The brand is still way ahead in design and quality to what is currently available. Hamish McBeth styling is unique and distinctly different.  We dare to be different by designing products to reflect the taste of today’s fashion conscious owners.

Hamish McBeth collars item is designed in-house then thoroughly road tested to provide you with a unique and quality product.  Hamish McBeth cool cat collars.  

Hamish McBeth cat collar is not only an essential accessory for your beloved cat, but an important one that could save your cat's life. 


Choose from a wide range of designer cat collars, designed right here in Australia. We have the best range of cool and fun cat collarsfor both your adult feline or your cute kitten.  Looking for a collar to define your best friend, we also have the best leather and diamante cat collars.


Every cat collar comes with an elastic insert for no-choke safety plus our unique fish shaped bell giving you a stylish and practical cat collar for the fussiest cat.