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Cat Collars

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KittyKit have a range of cat collars UK that are Cool for Cats! We have taken care to source a range of cat collars & kitten collars to suit every kitty cat. We have several sections such as cat collars, kitten collars, safety kitten collars and bling cat collars. Kittykit has a cat collar for every cat. In fact why just stick to one collar? Have a bright or bling collar for sunny days and a reflective collar for those gloomy days! Have a look at our range and tell us what you think!, We even have sparkling cat and kitten collars. This is a chance to show off your accessories that suit your fur or skin tone to all that admire a true Cool and Glamorous Kit! Cat's love to climb trees KittyKit have a wide range of breakaway cat collars which are designed to open quickly in an emergency. If your Kitty finds themselves in a spot of bother, the quick release will have them tickity boo in no time at all! . We have safety collars for cats and kittens. KittyKit are very passionate about Cats and above all believe in keeping our feline family members safe at all times, even our adventurous kits!