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Kittykit offers luxury cat products, online cat shop from Cat Beds,Cat Collars to kitten collars, cool cat toys.  Every thing  that your cat needs MEOW!

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Cat Collars

A Fantastic Range of Cat Collars

Cats being natural hunters, climbers and general mischief makers can often find themselves squeezing though the tightest of spots, climbing trees or rushing through brambles. For this reason it is imperative that any cat collars you buy for your cat is fitted with some kind of safety device that is designed to free the cat should they become snagged on their adventures. All cat collars at a KittyKit are fitted with a safety device such as elastic or break away fastening.

KittyKit offer luxury cool cat collars, bling cat collars, reflective cat collars, plain, sparkly cat collars, pretty and leather cat collars! This list goes on! Whatever the style of your cat, KittyKit has a collar to match their fur.  Check out our range of cat collars today meow!